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Hi everyone, welcome welcome welcome! If you are new to our page then this is the place to be, ensure that you subscribe so you can get all content via mail. If you are a returnee to the page, please share with a friend (You can’t be getting all the goodies alone). Onto serious things; in other to serve you all better and to do what God has called us to do we will be consistently posting once in every two weeks (I wanted to use the term biweekly but to avoid ambiguity let’s stick to the above) Now dig in:

“Wake up Tee, it’s time for your morning jog”, urrgggh that’s my alarm ringing again *insert eye-rolling*. I am tired I tell myself; not today I kukuma cannot come and go and kill myself. I will jog tomorrow and even go to the gym sef and put in more time but kai not today, this baby gal is tired with a capital T. The alarm keeps blaring and I know I must at least stand up and turn it off.

I stop in the bathroom to quickly wash my face before I say my prayers and I can’t help but notice myself. I am still fat, and I need to lose more weight, I say to myself. I quickly say my prayers and dash off for the morning jog; these fats ain’t gonna lose themselves without me putting in the work. I have gotten used to constantly checking myself in the mirror, wishing the folds and fat away.

It’s been a long journey! one filled with low carbs, lots of jogging and a daily ritual with my bathroom scale (you see these scales must shift, hian all these exercises cannot be in vain, yes ke I have put in the work so this body of mine had better behave). It’s been a battle fierce and long!

One that involved letting go of the sweet things that made me happy… cold stone ice-cream being number 1 on the list (oh how I love me some ‘Peanut Butter Cup Perfection’ from cold stone creamery and if you get me ‘Tiramisu and apple crumble’ and throw in some ‘gelato’ from Hans and Rene and the triple-Decker pizza from Debonair, you got a friend for life in me).

I even joined this intermittent fasting group using the 16/8 method ensuring that my first meal of the day was at 12:00pm and the last meal of the day was at 4:00pm. I was even going to try out the keto diet and approach of these Instagram coaches. I need to look peng and get back my size 8 body asap.

I was what you would call a gym rat; perfect gym clothes and all the paraphernalia ready to do battle with my body. I already bought the perfect dress for my perfect cute size 8 body when this was all over.

It was a battle that made me wakeup early each day to jog and use the gym even when it wasn’t convenient… which was every day! *insert dramatic sigh*

A battle that required my saying “NO” to a lot of things my body was saying yes to; a battle that seemed too long, but I knew would be worth all the effort, fasting and denials.

But wait…

If I could put in so much into my physical goals and aspirations

If I could starve myself, discipline myself, stay focused and true to this course

How then about my goals for my spirit man?

I observed myself daily in front of the mirror to see how far I had come and where more work needed to be done, checking the scale daily to monitor my progress.

Have I done same for my spirit, do I place my spirit man in front of the mirror daily and check the areas that needs work? If only I measure my progress daily… to see how my spirit man could be better. If only I say NO to the pleasures that will hurt my spirit man.

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We must create a balance between our bodies, spirits and souls.

If only I show discipline to making my spirit one God would be proud of. Would God look at me and say: “This is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.”

We are in the age and time of #bodygoals, #fitfam, #absgang, #lookinggoodgang and #penggang.

I was watching Miracles from Heaven last night and the Pastor said something that I think is relevant to today’s post. It goes thus: “The saying no pain no gain is often attributed to the sculpting of our bodies, the same principle can be applied to the sculpting of our characters and the deepening of our spiritual life” In plain English, child of God you need to work on yourself, immerse yourself in the word of God before you can see the manifestation and change in your life.

Should we work on our mortal bodies, of course we should, it’s God’s temple and thus we must and should take care of it because God wants us to take care of our bodies. However, we often spend so much time working on our flesh because it is was is seen and we neglect our spirit leaving it scarred, dirty and unkempt. We become like the pharisees washing the outside of the cup while the inside remains dirty and unclean. 3 John 1 vs 2 says: “My dear friend, I pray that everything may go well with you and that you may be in good health-as I know you are well in spirit.” Simply put as I read when I was doing some research: “God’s blessings of good health begin with our souls.” The work needs to start first on the inside and then manifest on the outside.

We must as a matter of urgency make the right and necessary changes, because one day this flesh will rot, and all that will be left would be our spirits.

The question remains: “Would you be proud of who you really are when the flesh is stripped away; would your lifestyle and decisions stand the refiner’s fire and come out as Gold; would your name be called when the roll call of Heaven is read.”

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The time for action is NOW!

See you all in two weeks as we continue this exciting journey. God bless you all and do not forget that God loves you more than you can ever imagine.

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4 Comments Add yours

    1. Godly Woman says:

      Thanks mami for always been there


  1. Sillo says:

    If only I can say NO to the pleasures that’ll hurt my spirit man. This is so profound and true.
    It implies consciously guarding your heart and spirit . Thanks chelz


    1. Godly Woman says:

      Thanks Sillo. We must consciously guard our hearts


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