How Gratitude Can Help You Through Hard Times
Gratitude is the right attitude

Hey Fam,

Did you miss me? Yes, I know you did, and I have missed you all so much as well. This is the last Monday before the end of the Half-year, how time flies! It’s been a crazy year right, filled with so many unplanned events.

I have been trying to come up with a post for quite some time now. Occasionally, I get a question about the blog and how someone was looking forward to a new post “we love the way you tell it” and so hard I tried this year, to write, to tell stories that are relatable,  good enough, inspiring and would also pass the intended message across, you know we are a faith-based blog, but boy did I fail!

It has been an extremely daunting year! I recently joked about skipping this year when counting my age because whatttttttt? It has been a back to back dishing of not so fantastic news. You know right.

First it was the news of the plague ravaging the world and its unforeseen impact. When it started, I felt it was something that would last a few weeks and be gone, but I did not realize that we would still battling to keep safe and alive several months down the line. We did not anticipate the way this epidemic would disrupt our lives and carefully laid-out plans, from the economic recession, to the many whose source of livelihood have been lost, to those who have lost their jobs and cannot seem to find a way to survive.

Then the many deaths that seem to be occurring daily, those dying from the epidemic, to the frontline heroes helping to fight the battle… this one hit me hard because I lost my grandmother in May and boy, I took it hard! I was not ready to let her go.

Like that was not enough, it became a daily assuage of gruesome news that seemed to trend… someone killed, someone raped, seems like always…something bad!

And then I went through personal pains this month that only God knows and understands. It seems the insomnia I thought I had conquered a few years ago is back and more vengeful this time.

“So, what do I write” I kept saying. I started so many posts and could not get beyond the first few lines. Yesterday, I just about gave up! I mean I cannot “force it” can I?

But then I decided to look for the positives amidst it all and I want you all to do the same. Write out 10 things you are grateful for this year, and when you feel sad or melancholy, I want you to get out your list, dwell/reminisce on each one till you begin to appreciate all the good that has happened to you. I’ll list mine here so that when I feel sad I will remember I put this out to a couple of people and I will imagine you all are in my space watching me, seeing if I will take my own advice.  

The ten things I am grateful for:

  1. A roof over my head and food in my belly. I know a lot are homeless, cold and hungry… it is the worst feeling.
  2. Memories I got to make with my grandmother… albeit short, when I remember her and want to feel sad, I will dwell on these.
  3. A family that loves and support me even though they get on my last nerves.
  4. Friends that genuinely care and pray for me. Memories made with them
  5. A job that keeps me going
  6. Journey mercies for every time I step out
  7. Good health! Last year was a scary year for me health-wise so I certainly do not take this for granted.
  8. Growth… for I look at where I am coming from and I know that I have certainly grown
  9. Every time I am saved through unanswered prayers
  10. God and how I can always count on Him

How about you? What are you grateful for? There is so much happening and there is the tendency to dwell on the bad things that have been happening and forget to stop for a minute and count our blessings.

Today, take time out and write them down and we hope that by doing so you can see how much you have to be grateful for.

Please stay safe and don’t forget to follow all the existing guidelines with regards to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Our earnest prayers are that God keeps us all safe and provide a cure for this disease.

Until our next post, do not forget that God loves you.

P.S Drop a comment with something that you are thankful for and please share, like, comment and subscribe. We love you all.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chukwuma Osahor says:

    Greatful that I can buy data


    1. Godly Woman says:

      Yes oh, especially when you are working from home, thanks


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