Freely Given…Podcast

Message: "All Things Freely Given" from Paul Craig | Jesus Victory Centre
Christmas is such an amazing gift

Hey Fam,

Trust you are keeping safe, with the second wave of COVID

We are back with Season 2 and what better time to be back than on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas everyone. I just got a reminder that today we celebrate the absolute love of our lives, you are loved, you are loved. The King of Kings is born today

Today’s episode is titled ‘FREELY GIVEN’

It’s a call to remind ourselves of what Christmas is about, how much God loves us and the fact that God will freely give us all things. It’s Christ in Christmas that makes the entire difference, because with Christ, it becomes just merry making.

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S2 EP 11 – Vulnerability Hangout With Chels

Vulnerability scares us, it scares me. I saw it as a weakness and I hid myself from people because I didn't want to be taken advantage of, I wanted people to see me as strong and trust is difficult. But Abba says let me tear down the walls, drop the facade, I love you the way you are, open up to me. You don't need to keep struggling on your own. — Send in a voice message:
  1. S2 EP 11 – Vulnerability
  2. S2 EP 10 – Learning to ask Why
  3. S2 EP 9 – Cycles
  4. S2 EP 8 – Conversations with Abba Part 2
  5. S2 EP 7 – Dear Future Husband Part 3

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Please help me

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